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Today... Need I say more. This is a day that many choose to forget, or choose to reflect upon. Either way it is a day that has some value for most people. For me I can remember what I was doing on sept 11 2001, and I can remember the feelings that followed every anniversary after. Its a day that begs us the think and remember what we've gone through, what we've endured, and how we can grow and become better. Despite all the feeling that this day holds it also should encourage us and give us hope. Knowing what we can survive should empower us to be stronger and more secure in ourselves and our sense of country.

As for me, I have to admit that progress is being made and I am becoming again more self sufficient and feelings of individuality are coming back. This is good. I'n no time i'll be in a position to be myself again and not feel so odd around the "ex"... (still relief will not come soon enough). Challenges however still persist and race still needs to be run. Best piece of advice: one step at a time.
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