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That Was Fun...

Ok, first night out with the guys! Went to a house party. So much fun. I had to leave early though cause of that whole financial institution thing we all like to call work. It was just getting good too! It was so nice just to cut loose and have a good time. Just to hang out and be in the company of other people looking to have a good time. Granted their methods maybe a little more extreme than my own but ultimately the intent is the same. Have Fun! And thats precisely what I did. I went to dinner with my family and my best friend and then i went to the house party all in all I don't think i could have asked for a better night. It was almost perfect except for the having to go home early thing! There ill be other weekends and there will be other parties. i just can't get over what I've been missing.. I forgot how much fun it is to just be out there in the world doing whatever. It was refreshing... Well off to bed I go.. ttfn
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