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New Year's Prophecy...

Its a new year and new time! 2006 is here at last! Now what the hell should I expect this year... This is my year to try. Last year I took a nice little break and just let things happen. Some of the hings that happened were good some were bad. I lost friends and I lost people I love. Even at times I lost hope and faith that this would ever turn around. Now that 2006 is here, its a whole new game! Its time to take my life back! And this is the year to do it. Those who were estranged from my life in 2005 will start to make small appearances in my life in 2006, not to say that things will patch up but there will be communication even on the most basic level. Work will become more stressful as my desire to succeed and move up continues to grow. Time for friends will be and interesting and some what magical feat. Where once I was to busy I will find I have more than enough time to hang out with friends. This of course is not to say that I will have nothing going on. This is a very busy year for me indeed.

Here's to 2006 may this year bring the joy and success that we strive for in our daily lives.
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