Azcool (azcool) wrote,

Holy Crap, Youre Still Here?!

Well, I epically failed at being more "attentive in 2008" and '09 and most of 2010... What?! A lots happened since then. I had my laptop stolen, I've had my computer crash, get viruses and become a very large paper weight, and I've gone stretches without a computer at all. Now, however, we've got mobile devices that allow us connectivity anywhere and everywhere (where service is available, roaming charges may apply,etc...)! Well, a brief recap is in order I suppose. "The ex" I spent so much time pining over is out of my life. Since then I've had one relationship and a fair few "special friends"... Speaking of friends a good number of mine have married or otherwise coupled and begun reproducing! Nature always finds a way. *sigh* I've since changed jobs and residences and am now a CPhT and EMT. There is a lot of hope for the future. Well, until next time.
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