Azcool (azcool) wrote,

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Life as we know it...

Things are slowly getting back to normal regarding work life. Things are still a little rough around the edges regarding home life. My roommates dont like where we live and are looking for another place to move...without me. My EX is breaking house rules left and right and then getting upset at me when I get upset at him for breaking rules... I feel like somewhere around Jan of this year I lost myself and someone else inhabited me and my life and now i'm in some really bad reality tv show. I think I should just stop caring about everything all together... Stop caring about people and places and things that once had importance to me. If there is no emotional attachment than the probability of being hurt is less. But again there is the ever present truth that I, in avoiding the pain, will avoid the pleasures of these things, however infrequent they may be. Does everything in life have to be a catch 22?
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