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All In The Name Of Progress!

Hours move into days and days into weeks now as I've begun the slow process of reclaiming my life. To long have I been asleep, slave to my secret sense of guilt and longing. Why i blame myself and why i feel responsible are no longer valid (Nor has it ever truly been). We are all free to make our choices and only in after making those choices are we slave to the consequences of those choices and of the following actions. Assuming responsibility for the free will of someone else is not only unfair to me but highly illogical. It is not possible to assume full responsibility for the choices of another person. Perhaps those choices were influenced by me but I am not the person who chose to act upon the decisions made.

Neutrality is a force unto its self. Both the most desired of positions and the most hated! For those who attain it and can maintain it they find a wisdom that surpasses normal understanding. Realizing that life is linear and always flowing forward. As such, every action that is taken now will affect that which lies in its path out from this point. From this perspective one can also observe the effects of the choices made by those around us. We can deduce and even predict the outcome of these choices. However tied to the consequence we may be, we are far more prepared for it than those to focused on the mundane aspects of everyday life. Furthermore, to covet this lifestyle or this viewpoint has its price. There can be no allegiances. Ali's, but no pacts to exclusivity. Your friends are your friends and you can be the best friend that you can humanly be but you cannot place one person over another. Favoritism or bias is the mark of an un-evolved spirit; clinging to the connections made in this life while ignoring the higher connections that can be made by the spirit. By no means is this saying that to be exclusive to your friends is wrong. Its simply a choice. Keep balance and objectivity or be bias and loyal. Neither is an extreme to be adhered to but there can be variables between the two.. But keep in mind the more bias you are of a person or persons the less your balance and objectivity can be kept.

This is just a thought that i toss around.. Who do i want to be; indifferent, cold, objective, and logical or perhaps loyal, bias, emotional, and compassionate. This I think is a struggle that may last for a long time but for the mean time... Its time to be apart of my life instead of watching it pass me by.
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