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What is Hell?

Neither unquenchable fire nor undying worm can bring truth in the understanding that it is not what tortures can be inflicted on the spirit and the soul but that Hell is simply being separated from the presence of God with no promise of salvation or redemption.
So lift your praises to the Lord each day for no day is promised. Rejoice in the rising of the sun for this is yet another time where by we can bask in the Glory and love of our God. For there may come a time were His hands are withdrawn from this would and His word speaks to no heart and moves on no spirit of man. For we are indeed creatures for the Glory of God therefore we must be in His presence. For there is no good, peace, hope, love, joy, happiness, or grace except that God causes it to be so.
The battle between flesh and spirit wages deep within the hearts of man. The unrest that exists in our lives from our tempers to our generations are the scales that weigh the progress of this struggle. All too often our flesh wins out and that which God offers to those who truly believe is lost to the notion that we can do for ourselves that which God has created and mastered. What fools we are, to believe we can master what no man before has done alone. Our arrogance is the seed that spreads disaster and pain, for when we choose our will and place our faith in what we perceive we control then we open the doors for all that causes pain and distress for our hearts were made for only one master. Which master will you choose? What seeds will you plant? And in your decision, are you prepared for your harvest; the consequences of your choices?
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