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Clarity in Darkness

Its interesting, love. It can be the perfect mirror. Seeing yourself through someone else's eyes can help to shape your perception of yourself. Seeing how you appear to other people in contrast to your own understanding of who your are can help you to understand who you really are, who you've really become, and how much is still left to be done. This can be an awesome tool to help you grow and move closer to who you feel you want to be. It motivates you to achieve the goals that you have pushed aside or forgotten about. It can truly bring clarity in the darkest of moments, helping you to realize that you are not alone and that there are people who honestly desire to know you and reach into your heart. Can they survive this task, can they overcome the complex nature that guards each of us who have ever been hurt? Perhaps not. But is it fair to make it difficult for them either? No. Its about diplomacy and availability. Grant them the same openness and freedom they express with you. Honor the commitments that are made and trust that they are indeed being honored. To doubt is to invite fear and turmoil. Be cautious, yes, and keep a watchful eye. But in your heart, in your deeds, trust that person you've allowed to play a part in your life and given the opportunity to become a part of your life. For without it, the person stands no chance of surviving your defenses or the relationship.
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